Color Trends: Fall 2009

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It's hard to believe summer is nearing its end already for 2009. It's my favorite season and I wait anxiously for it every year. It always seems to fly by, though. In a few weeks the leaves will start changing and fall will be upon us and, as much as I love summer, there is a lot to be adored about fall too. The typical description of the crisp air, beautiful colors, and fresh baked pies is familiar to all of us.

As with every other season, the Pantone Color Institute selects the top 10 colors for fall each year and their choices for 2009 are quite unique in comparison to previous years. As with the spring color trends, designers are maintaining their focus on the "fundamental basics that speak to current economic conditions..." which is wise. Vibrant hues were not completely left out of the mix, though. A splash of color paired with the classic and timeless neutral tones adds that bit of a spark to the pallette to create excitement and energy.

All of the Fall 2009 color trends are shown above, but here is a better look at some possible pairings that you could use in your home or office this season:

This is your typical fall color combination. You can't go wrong with warm hues pulled from nature during this time of year. Try these in your kitchen or family room. Light some candles in the evening to add to the warmth.

This combination of Honey Yellow, Purple Heart, and Iron add a surprising flair to the fall season. It is a playful twist on the traditional pallette above.

A touch of patriotism from American Beauty combined with feel-good hues like Purple Heart and Creme Brulee gives a feeling of refinement and sensuality while embracing creativity and excitement. This combination would be great for a room with lots of natural light to add to the fresh feel it gives off.

"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style." ~Billy Baldwin

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I always seem to adore the Pantone color choices- they're so exquisite! I recently read an article on them [I can't recall where], but it was so informative and such a unique look inside this institute that so many know nothing about [me, at one time - before architecture school - being one of them! :) ].

Thanks for sharing the Fall colors. I'm excited for the season!

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